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Bond in Manassas Robbery Cases

Following a robbery arrest, people are detained overnight. The next step for most people is to work with their attorney to secure bond. If an individual cannot afford to pay bond or, they are denied bond, they must stay detained until they are arraigned. If an individual wants to know more about bond in Manassas robbery cases, they should consult a qualified robbery defense attorney that can answer their questions.

How Bond for Robbery is Different

Bond in Manassas robbery cases often depends on how violent the incident was. With the incident in question, the courts might question whether people got hurt or not. The element that the judges are evaluating is the danger to the public.

Robbery bond motions might be different if it appears that the defendant is a danger to others. If the defendant has committed acts that injure others, has a criminal record, has committed similar offenses, or has a history of domestic violence, a judge might be less inclined to release someone. In contrast, someone that has been arrested for a DUI is probably not considered as much of a threat as the person who committed robbery.

Purpose of Bond Motion Hearings

The purpose of a bond motion or a bond hearing is to determine whether it is okay to let the defendant go or not. The factors that are looked at whether the person is a flight risk. That is a very short way of explaining how strong is the person’s ties to the community.

If talking about somebody who grew up in the area, is married, and has kids, for instance, or has family living in the area, works in the area, and does not have a lot of financial resources to travel, that person is probably not going to be a flight risk, because they are needed where they are and they are providing for their family. That is somebody that is not a flight risk.

Where Bond Motions Take Place

Bond motions take place in general district court. Virginia has general district court, which is a lower court. In Virginia, there is a lower-level court, which is general district court. In terms of robbery cases, because they are felonies or felonies in general, the general district court is allowed to do the arraignment portion and the preliminary hearing, which is a probable cause hearing.

Arraignment happens at general district court. Based on the type, it happens very soon until the time the defendant is charged. It happens usually within 24 to 48 hours. That arraignment takes place in general district court. The remainder of the case, like the hearing and the trail, would be left to the circuit court. The circuit court is the only court that has the jurisdiction to hear those cases, not general district court.

Value of a Lawyer in the Bond Motion Process

Lawyers are instrumental in securing bond in Manassas robbery cases. Attorneys are the ones requesting bond motions and bringing in evidence to convince a judge to grant bond to individuals.

A lawyer may also find witnesses who can testify on a person’s behalf in order to strengthen their defense. That is why anyone who has been charged with a robbery offense should speak with a skilled robbery defense attorney that can fight for them.

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