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Conspiracy to Commit Robbery in Manassas

Conspiracy to commit robbery in Manassas is defined as making an agreement with multiple people to deprive someone of their property. An experienced robbery attorney can help you plan a strong defense for theft charges coupled with other charges. Contact a lawyer as soon as you can.

What Does Conspiracy to Commit Robbery Mean?

A charge of conspiracy to commit robbery in Manassas is typically and the merging of an attempt to commit and the theft itself. That is opposite of a conspiracy where a person could be charged with conspiracy and the underlying offense.

Conspiracy charges ensue if there are two or more people that have agreed to commit the alleged defense.

What Does Combining Attempt to Commit and a Robbery Charge Mean?

Someone could face two charges as opposed to one if their attempt to commit robbery is combined with the actual robbery charge. However, an individual charged with either the attempt or completed robbery will likely not face both.

Potential Impacts on a Robbery Case

Typically, when someone faces two or more charges in plea negotiations, it means that one of them will likely be dropped. An attorney can help try to negotiate or take a plea for the lower one.

There are going to be two separate penalties for each of those charges. If there is a jail sentence, for instance, it may run back to back versus consecutively.

Likelihood of Charges for Attempted Robbery

If conspiracy to commit robbery in Manassas was completed, the person will be looking at a robbery charge. If the charge was not completed or the person abandoned their task, they are going to be charged with an attempt instead of a completed crime. There is not going to be that scenario at all unless talking about a different crime. If talking about an attempt to commit robbery and an assault, then that can work.

Charges for Conspiracy vs. Charges for the Underlying Offense

The reason someone can lawfully be charged with conspiracy and robbery is because they are considered separate crimes under the law.

An individual being charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in Manassas is essentially being accused of making an agreement to commit illegal acts with others. The law separates the agreement from the crime itself, which is why someone could face both charges.

Speaking with a Lawyer About Possible Defenses

Theft laws cover various kinds of offenses, one of which is robbery. However, despite charges for a completed robbery, the courts may decide to charge you with additional charges. You could possibly face attempted robbery, robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Therefore, it may be critical to discuss the details of your case with a qualified robbery lawyer. A dependable legal representative can help you fight for your rights to a fair trial and seek evidence that could benefit the overall outcome of the case.

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