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Whether you are in your personal or professional vehicle at the time of an arrest, a conviction for DUI can end a career as a commercial driver. As such, defendants with a professional driver’s license should consult with a Prince William County CDL DUI lawyer as soon as possible after being charged.

Our Prince William DUI lawyers has experience helping clients facing alcohol- or drug-related DUI charges in Prince William County and throughout Northern Virginia, and we are passionate about bringing our experience to bear in order to help clients like you. Call our Northern Virginia law offices today to learn more about your defense options.

Facing CDL DUI Charges

Commercial drivers accused of a DUI must be treated as innocent until proven guilty. This means that if you can get a case dropped after an arrest or if you can avoid being convicted, the DUI arrest should not impact your license or your career.

An experienced DUI attorney in Prince William County can work hard to help you explore all possible ways to avoid a guilty verdict. This may include arguing that certain evidence collected cannot be used in court due to a Constitutional violation, or it may include raising one of many DUI defenses (such as a rising BAC defense).

Defendants may also argue that there were problems with the accuracy or legitimacy of the evidence, or that the prosecutor has not met the burden of proof for a criminal case.  

Our DUI defense lawyers know the laws and how they are enforced in NOVA, and they understand how high the stakes are for CDL holders who have been accused of violating DUI statutes. A legal team working hard to investigate all aspects of the traffic stop, testing, and subsequent arrest can often find ways to help defendants to protect their future.  

Potential DUI Penalties and Consequences

Operating a commercial vehicle while under the influence is a serious offense, and there are stricter blood alcohol content (BAC) standards for CDL holders than for those who drive with a normal driver’s license. Under Virginia Code § 46.2-341.24 , defendants with a CDL are in violation of the law if they have a BAC of just .04. This is half the permissible limit for most motorists, which is a .08 percent blood alcohol concentration.

Conviction for DUI affects a professional license whether you are in your own vehicle driving as private citizen, or whether you are operating your professional vehicle. Defendants who refuse to submit to a BAC test or who are convicted for a first offense can have their CDL suspended for a year, according to provisions set forth in Virginia Code Section 46.2-341.18(B).  A defendant operating a commercial vehicle transporting HAZMAT material at the time of intoxication faces a three-year license suspension.  Repeat offenses result in a permanent disqualification for a CDL license.

Because serious jail time, fines, the loss of a personal license, and a variety of other penalties may also be imposed, it is imperative for defendants to fight vigorously in order to avoid these serious consequences.

Seeking Experienced Legal Counsel

Our Prince William County DUI lawyers can bring their local experience and legal knowledge to the table to help you try to save your commercial driver’s license after you are arrested for impaired driving. Call our law offices today to schedule a consultation to learn more about what your options are and about how an attorney can help you respond to charges.

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