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DUI Pre-Trial Release in Prince William County

A person facing DUI charges should understand DUI pre-trial release in Prince William County. A bond is an amount of money or a pledge to pay money, which is posted with the court in exchange for a person’s freedom during the pendency of their case. Bond amounts are determined by a number of factors. One of them is the seriousness of the charge, whether it is a first offense or a third offense makes a difference. Prior records are also factors.

What people should understand about posting bond in Virginia is that, in most misdemeanor DUI cases, there is some bond amount that will be set by the judge. However, in felony DUI cases that are DUI third or subsequent in many or most of those cases, it can be difficult, but not impossible to get bond. For more information on pre-trial release and bonds in Prince William County, contact a skilled DUI attorney.

Pre-Trial Release

Pre-trial release in a DUI case in Prince William County refers to a person under the supervision of a probation officer during the pendency of their case. That might mean that they have to check in with the probation officer, submit to random urine screens, and otherwise comply with the normal conditions of probation. A person’s attorney assists them in getting bond when the individual is either held without any bond initially or there is a bond amount that set that is more than they can afford. If that is the case then the DUI lawyer can ask the court to have a bond hearing where the lawyer will ask the court either to set a reasonable bond or to reduce the amount of the bond.

Implications of Not Complying

In the vast majority of cases, a person’s bond is conditioned upon their compliance with a pre-trial release for a DUI case in Prince William County. If a person violates the terms and conditions of that release, then they may find their bond revoked, which will mean that they will be sitting in jail during the pendency of their case.

Documents Received When Released From Jail

There are a number of things a person will receive when they are released from jail particular to a DUI case. They will receive copies of any warrants that have been served on them, which show the charges. If they have been admitted to bail or received a bond, they will get a copy of what is called the recognizance or a bond sheet, which shows the charges that they have against them as well as the bond amount. In DUI cases, they will also get a copy of the certificate of analysis, which shows what their blood alcohol content was at the time of their arrest.

Contacting Prince William County DUI Attorney

There are a number of things that an experienced DUI attorney can do immediately after a DUI arrest that will assist a person in preparing their case. There are proactive things that they can suggest that will help to mitigate or that will help to prepare evidence for trial. There are also things that we can be doing that are going to assist in the defense. The sooner an attorney has an opportunity to work on those and the sooner that they can encourage a person to take proactive steps, the better. Consult with an experienced attorney today for more on DUI pre-trial releases in Prince William County.

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