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Out of State Drivers and Prince William County DUIs 

Out-of-state drivers and Prince William County DUIs can be a tricky situation. A person from out of state is subject to the laws of the state of Virginia. If a person is an out-of-state driver, they are from Maryland, New York, or another state, and they come into Virginia, they are still subject to Virginia’s restrictions and laws so they can be convicted of a DUI in the state of Virginia. The person will still suffer the penalties in the state of Virginia.

The difference is that if a person is an out-of-state driver, Virginia can only suspend their license in the state of Virginia. Virginia will send the suspension information to the person’s state and out to the national vehicle registry but they can only suspend the person’s license in Virginia. It is up to the person’s state to suspend their license in other states. If you are an out-of-state driver facing a DUI in Prince William County, talk to a professional lawyer today.

National Driver Registry

The national driver registry is a database that shows drivers and their driving status in other states. If a person is suspended in one state, then the state will report it to the national driver registry. This can affect out-of-state drivers and Prince William County DUIs.

Out-of-State Driver Charged with DUI in Prince William County

Law enforcement will report a DUI charge to the national registry. if they are part of the interstate compact, which Virginia is with a lot of states, they will just tell the person’s state directly as well.

In Prince William County, a BAC of 0.08 while driving is treated with gravity and seriousness and a person will be convicted of the Virginia DUI statute. In Virginia, the person is subject to Virginia laws even if their license is out-of-state.

Helping Out-of-State Drivers Facing DUI in Virginia

Out-of-state drivers need a local attorney. Having an out-of-state attorney come in to help a person plead will not be beneficial because they will not know how the law works in Prince William County. A person has to have a Prince William County DUI attorney and the person is going to need somebody who is local that knows the judges, knows the prosecutors, knows what a jury would do, and how to retrieve evidence. If a person does not have that, then they are at a disadvantage.

Logistically, a Prince William County attorney is present in Virginia. It is never a good idea to bring in somebody who is not a Virginia attorney to do a Virginia case. If you are an out-of-state driver facing a DUI in Prince William County, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced local lawyer who knows a Virginia DUI case backwards and forwards. A lawyer from a home state may not understand what kind of nuances might appear in a DUI case in Prince William County. Hiring a local lawyer can make all the difference, especially if you are charged with DUI from out-of-state.

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