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DUI Jail in Prince William County

The DUI jail process in Prince William County is important to understand. Where the police take a person after they are arrested in Prince William County depends on what they are arrested for. They are going to take the person down to the station for processing and for a breathalyzer if there is one. They will take the person to jail for booking. They will take the person to the magistrate to get a warrant. For more information on jails in Prince William County and DUIs, contact a professional attorney.

Mandatory Minimum Sentence

A mandatory minimum sentence means that no matter what the judge wants to do with a case, a person is going to serve a certain amount of time in jail. Even if the facts are in the person’s favor and they did not do much harm, a person must serve a mandatory minimum.

Jail-Related Penalties for DUI

A DUI Class 1 misdemeanor, if it is charged as a first offense and if the person has a heightened BAC, comes with mandatory minimum time, which is five mandatory days in jail. If the person is at 0.15 or above, they can get 10 mandatory days. If it is 0.20 or above, then they can get mandatory minimum time if it is a second offense within 5 years or the second offense within 10 years. If it is a third offense, it becomes a felony and a person could face a much larger mandatory minimum as well. For a misdemeanor DUI, it can be up to a year in jail in Prince William County.

What is Central Booking?

When people say central booking, they are thinking about what they see and know of jails on TV. They are thinking about one big booking area that does not exist in Prince William County. In Virginia, there are detention centers that a person is brought to. A person might go to a sub-station in order to be transported to this detention center but there is nothing called “central booking.”

Jails in Virginia

The environment of each jail depends on the county. Every county is different. No jail is pleasant but some jails are very well maintained. They have relative privacy. People are relatively polite. The food is not too bad. A person can have visitation at different hours. They are able to make phone calls more easily. In some jails, it is not. In some jails, they can only have a maximum of visits twice a week and even then, it must be blood relatives. Sometimes, a person cannot have children in there. Sometimes, they cannot have any physical contact with their family and they have to talk through the phone. Sometimes, a person can get contact visitations. It just depends on where the jail is and what they are charged with. Jail for a DUI charge in Prince William County will be different from other counties.

Process After Booking

After a person is fingerprinted and their picture is taken, they are going to be processed or they are going to be given a temporary bail. Sometimes, they will be let out on bond if they have a bond. Sometimes, they will be just processed in and put through a cell or put through holding to await the bond motion. Whether or not jail time in Prince William County occurs for a DUI depends on the type of case and whether or not they have been given bond.

Medical Resources

Every jail in Prince William County has medical staff on hand. It could be limited. Sometimes, a person might have to be transferred to a hospital because of the resources that they need. Sometimes, they will have it available there. There is usually at least a nurse who will be available. Often doctors are not available at the jail. They are available if a person is suffering during specific situations. Mental health facilities might not be available. Medical resources in jail in Prince William County depends on where it is.

Submitting to a Breath Test

If the person is out of jail and they are charged with a DUI, they are going to have to take a breath test. That is implied consent law and they will be forced to do it under the implied consent law.

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