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Unique Aspects of Prince William County DUI Cases

It is beneficial to have an attorney who has a lot of experience working with the judges and knowing exactly which arguments the judges in Prince William County are likely to expect and which arguments the current judges in Prince William County are likely to ignore.

There are several arguments that are commonly presented by attorneys in neighboring jurisdictions that are not of any benefit to someone in Prince William County. If an attorney is arguing with someone in Prince William County on those issues, they are not going to be successful. It is best to have an attorney who has that experience and knows the limitations of those arguments in Prince William County so that they could give a defendant more accurate advice about the legal arguments they may have in the client’s case.

Because of the many unique aspects of Prince William DUI cases, choose to work with an attorney who could produce a favorable outcome in court.

What Makes Prince William County DUI Cases Unique

One aspect that is unique to Prince William County in defending DUI cases is that the speed with which the Prince William County police officers and the jurisdictions in Prince William County are equipping their officers with body-worn cameras. It is surprisingly beneficial to have an attorney who works consistently in Prince William County, who knows the different officers, who knows which officers have body-worn cameras, and who knows how that system works.

If there is a problem with the body-worn cameras in the client’s case that could be addressed. An attorney could obtain that information as soon as possible and be able to work with the prosecutors to facilitate viewing the video as far in advance of their court date as possible.

Nuances to Local Law Enforcement Practices

In Prince William County, and throughout Northern Virginia, there is a strong enforcement effort underway. It involves stopping not just people who are driving on the highway, but also people who are sleeping in their car after having had too much to drink.

One thing that we see in Prince William County fairly often is the presence of foot patrols or police officers stopping and investigating people who are in their car, perhaps parked at a bar or parked on the side of the road, and pulling those people out of the car to conduct a field sobriety test and possibly to conduct a breathalyzer.

In Virginia, many people who think they are doing the safe thing by pulling over or stopping the car end up facing charges for DUI. That is because, in Virginia, anyone who is operating a vehicle could be charged with a DUI. Operating a vehicle could include being in the car with keys in the ignition, whether the car is turned on or not.

Contact an Attorney for Legal Assistance

There are many benefits to working with a local DUI lawyer, especially in a jurisdiction as spread out as Prince William County. Prince William is a very large jurisdiction geographically. It also has a large population and the court system has been growing consistently over the last several decades. There are many more judges and prosecutors than there were several decades ago because the population and the area is going so quickly.

It is very beneficial to have a DUI attorney who has experience with the prosecutors and has seen the way that the process has changed over the years. Because of the unique aspects of Prince William County DUI cases, reach out to an attorney today and start your legal defense.


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