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Independent Blood and Urine Testing in Prince William County 

In Prince William County, the independent blood testing refers to the right of the accused to have someone other than the government confirm the results of a blood test, which is taken as part of a DUI arrest. If a person is charged with a DUI based on the blood alcohol content of their blood, they do have a right to ask that the blood sample is submitted to an independent lab to confirm or to refute the result that was arrived at by the government’s lab. A skilled attorney can provide more insight into the matter.

Administration of Blood and Breath Tests

The independent blood test that is done in Prince William County is performed on the same sample of blood that is taken at the time of arrest. That means that it is going to be the government that administers the blood test to the accused at the time or shortly following the arrest. But then it will be an independent lab that will do the testing on that blood sample. The same goes for urine testing.

Circumstances of Independent Blood or Urine Testing

It is a good idea to have independent testing done. It is an additional procedural hoop that the government has to jump through. If the sample is not preserved or there is something else is done incorrectly, it may benefit the accused. In addition to that, sometimes when there is particularly high blood alcohol content or some other result that seems unlikely to be accurate, it may be a good idea to have a second test in order to verify or refute that result. Under Virginia law, the independent testing that is done on the accused’s blood sample is admissible at trial the same way that the blood sample is (which is analyzed by the government lab).


If the blood or urine sample that is tested by an independent lab shows something that is more favorable than what is shown by the government’s test, then the accused has the ability to offer that at trial. In order to do that, they will need to utilize that individual as an expert witness.

Additional Evidence

There are a variety of different kinds of information that a DUI lawyer would want to collect in addition to blood testing results. One thing that a lawyer always want to try to collect is any police reports, any statements that have been made by the accused, videos of the traffic stop, including the field sobriety tests, and other information that may be in the government’s file that might be used as part of a prosecution.

Contacting a Professional Prince William County Attorney

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