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Driving under the influence at the same time that one is driving without a license can carry significant penalties. This is because it is two types of irresponsible driving behavior stacked on top of each other.

If a person is charged with a DUI in PWC at a time that they were also found to be driving without a license, then the licensing issue will form the basis of additional traffic or criminal charge that does not enhance the underlying the DUI charge. Unlicensed driving charges and DUI charges are heard at the same time if they stem from the same driving incident and date of offense.

If you are facing charges, reach out to a Prince William County DUI without a license lawyer. An accomplished DUI attorney could fight for you and stand by your side throughout the legal process.

Driving Without a License Can Be an Aggravating Factor

Driving without a license can be an aggravating factor to DUI charges, especially if the reason the person does not have a license, or has a suspended or revoked license, is because of a prior DUI conviction. The main punishment for a DUI is the loss or restriction of driving privileges, so drivers who disregard those restrictions and risk driving anyway are perceived as showing a concerning indifference to the authority of the prior convicting court, and the magnitude of higher punishments that could have been imposed. An individual facing aggravating penalties should contact a DUI without a license lawyer in Prince William County as soon as possible.

Driving with a Suspended License vs. an Unlicensed Driver

Driving on a suspended license is usually considered worse in the eyes of the law than driving without a license, unless the person driving without a license is under the age of 16 or has had their license physically revoked for legal reasons concerning prior driving convictions. Not having a license is not perceived as an initial legal transgression but in order to get a license suspended, the individual has had to have separately committed an infraction according to the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Court.

The worse kind of driving on suspended charge in terms of aggravating a corresponding DUI charge is driving while suspended due to a prior DUI conviction, as opposed to more general or innocent reasons like failure to pay court costs, possession of marijuana, or rapid demerit point accumulation. Licensing penalties for DUI charges are intentionally severe because the Virginia legislature wants to deter convicted DUI defendants from returning to the roads too quickly. A person who is driving in violation of a DUI suspension is thwarting a major public policy related to roadway safety that resonates with many jurors, prosecutors, police officers, and judges.

A Prince William County DUI Without a License Attorney Could Help

If you have received a DUI charge and you do not have a license because it was suspended, revoked, or you never obtained one, you may be facing significant penalties. Fortunately, a Prince William County DUI without a license lawyer is experienced with these cases and could help you. Call today and set up a consultation.

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